Our Business Development Journey

Business Update 1

So today, the store is up and running, although I have yet to put up any products or services. I am re-establishing my business, and setting up the legalities (contracts, contacts, and other c words). It has been tested for general use and seems successful. I visited a few people today to discuss my business plans with them and see how we can work together. I am extremely excited about this.

Today, an article on the news highlighted the alleged problem of Australians having a lack of manufacturing and services, and I’m here to prove that this is untrue. It isn’t the case at all. The case is though, is people don’t know where to find each other successfully, so this is my desire to establish my business websites (including this one) as part of The Australian Business Services Network. This is the mainframe for all of my business links, and is designed to help Australian businesses and companies to be pooled in a sense so that their products can be sourced from one location, namely, my websites.

As for profitability, I’ve examined the potential for the business, and as much as there is such a small margin for me to do this after setup costs, advertising and other expenses, I am hoping that there will be enough interest in the Australian people for them to recognise the strengths in this idea, and to come along for the ride. I will make money when I have a smooth flowing, efficient, high-quality business. YOU are invited, as long as you are an Australian business or company, selling Australian products.

This doesn’t mean that there will be no imported products, but they will be marked as such, and the businesses that sell them will have to separate what is Australian Made from what isn’t.

There is no “need” in Australia for skills. What there is, is a need for relocation, and training of teams to provide the services to the correct standards in a professional manner, along with excellent customer services. I am working on this, and once again, you are invited to join in and come along for the journey.

Contact me on the number provided, or fill out the contact form to discuss this more and see how we can work together.

I look forward to hearing from you, so goodbye for now, until our next update.

Our Business Development Journey


This is the first blog post for the new Stainless Steel Online website.

It has been a while since I came to this project. The goal was to establish a place where all Australians could come together and find stainless steel products and services no matter where they are.

What I found was that there are many factories with excess, and many towns with a need. So my website is designed to ensure that Australians have an equal opportunity to source the products and services that they require.

Although this may not be possible in all instances, it will give Australians the best chance of sourcing stainless steel products and services that they require no matter where in Australia they are.

Please follow along as I embark on my business journey, and build this business from a one-man show to a team of professionals. I have many good contacts and I intend to showcase their talent.