Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to buyers, or their authorised representatives.

Terms and Conditions for the sellers, service providers and delivery providers are by way of separate contracts.

1 – Warranties

The website https://stainlesssteelonline.com.au is owned by The Australian Business Services Network (ABN 49 297 297 709), and is a reseller platform for other clients, unless otherwise stated. Where we are reselling on behalf of the clients, the warranties are provided by the client, and not by us. The warranties will be expressed for each item on the website prior to your purchase. Please check these carefully.

Where we are the provider of the product or service, we will warrant against any damage and fault by way of repair, replacement, or refund, in that order. This will be specified on the individual items or services as to what is covered in the warranty, and how long the warranty period is for.

Shipping, Postage & Deliveries

All shipping is provided by outsourcing, and therefore the warranty for damaged goods lies in the hands of the freight company that delivers the product. Of course, we will do our best to ensure a reliable method of delivery, and assist in any way to help achieve a fair and honest outcome to any problems notwithstanding the aforementioned. Also, you will be offered insurance where this is covered separately by the carrier.

2 – Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping Options and Their Terms and Conditions

Your shipping options are dependent on your location and quantity and include;

1) Pick up
(pickup must be within one week of your order (unless other arrangements have been made at time of purchase), or you will be charged a rate for storage for each week or part-week thereof, equalling 1/10th of the purchase cost. After eleven weeks have passed by since you purchased your item/s, and you have not collected your item/s, the item/s will be deemed as abandoned, and will be put back on the market.)

2) Delivery arranged by The Australian Business Services Network
(we will endeavour to find the most efficient and cost effective method of delivery, with quality being the overall influential factor.)

3) Delivery arranged by our suppliers

4) Delivery arranged by you (where you are responsible for delivery, the same conditions apply as if you were picking up the item.)

Ownership of the product

Where a client purchases a product, the product will remain the property of the seller, under the care of The Australian Business Services Network (A.B.N. 49 297 297 709) until as such times as full payment has been made for the product, including any delivery costs, taxes or other necessary costs. Where the product is in fact a service, the payments will either be made up front by you, the client, or incrementally as agreed on a specific contract between you and the service provider, with The Australian Business Services Network as the administrator.

In the case of services and installations, the products installed remain the property of the seller until as such time as all relevant payments are made.

3 – Disputes and resolution

In the case of a dispute, you, the purchaser, are to liaise with a staff member of The Australian Business Services Network, and attempt to reach an amicable agreement.

If this attempt proves unsuccessful, you are directed to take the matter to the Department of Fair Trading, or the related authority in your state, territory or country.

Defamation and vilification

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the agreement, you are entitled to take any legal means necessary to fix the problem. This though does not include the nature of ruining the reputation of the company through misleading, exaggerated or wilful untruths in statements, whether verbally or written, or any other form of communication. Respectful dialogue is expected,and legal action will be taken if it is found that a case for defamation of character or vilification is suspected. We endeavour to provide an honest place of business, and expect our clientele to be the same.

If you have a genuine complaint, be sure to address the issue with management, as our intentions are to provide an excellent place of business to ALL our clients, and any alleged misdemeanours on the part of our representatives will be seriously looked into.